Encounter First Love〈I〉Beauty and the Beast


Ye, Xiaojing

In the movie of Beauty and the Beast, Prince Adam was enchanted by a witch to turn into a beast because his lack of love. If he cannot modify his behavior and being loved by someone with the fully heart before all the rose petals fall, he then will be a beast forever.

The question is loss a punishment?
Have you noticed how many things are been lost in growing up?
Have you ever thought that the sadness of losing is directly proportional to the degree of love for them? 

In old says that you only know to cherish when you lost. The higher the degree of valuing, the longer sadness to bear. So how can such a thing be tolerated? Especially we often "lost" something without warning in our lives.

If we have a chance to look back, is there anything you still can't get over it? What may be considering lost is a title, a thing, a relationship, an object, a memory, or even a feeling that may be part of self-identity, such as:

I'm a graduate of an Ivy League School,

I have parents who love me,

I'm a girl from the metropolis,

I'm a responsible employee,

Simplicity is my life style,

I'm an athlete...

Sigmund Freud, a neurologist, compares the states of mourning and melancholia that they are the same in dealing stages of grief. However, when the feeling of loss cannot be endured and restrained, they come to light consciously as obsessional ideas such as desperately searching for "something", buying double or triple similar pieces of clothing, revisiting old places over times, and repeatedly recalling the fragments of memories in the past. In the process of repetition, we complete our identification with this item or relationship, which is also as if we have it now.

In Beauty and the Beast, it can be seen that Prince Adam's fate has turned around because of Belle's appearance, and new opportunities and hopes have been rekindled in the process of helping each other. Occasionally it is good to be able to distract or withdraw moderately, but if you repressed it for too long, immerse yourself in memories, or having the symptoms like interpersonal withdrawal, persistently pessimistic thoughts, rapid and frequent emotional ups and downs, and uncontrollable impulses behaviors, etc., you may need to seek an expert to talk to help you out of the predicament. Remember you are not alone.


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